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Birds of the Illawarra

The following photos are linked to a separate website and may not have been taken in the Illawarra. I'm not a great photographer. I'm aiming to produce better and more images of local species, and to update the list over time.

The status comments are from: Chafer, C.J. and Brandis, C.C.P. 2012. Handbook of Birds Found in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Adjacent Tablelands, 2nd edition. Illawarra Bird Observers Club, Wollongong.

Illawarra Bird Checklist

Australasian Darter: uncommon, breeding resident and nomadic

Australasian Figbird: uncommon, resident

Australasian Grebe: common, breeding resident

Australasian Pipit: moderately common, resident

Australasian Shoveler: uncommon, nomadic

Australasian Swamphen: common, breeding resident

Australian Brush-turkey: scarce [common in Wollongong Botanic Garden], breeding resident

Australian King Parrot: moderately common, resident

Australian Magpie: common, resident

Australian White Ibis: moderately common, breeding resident, nomadic

Australian Pied Oystercatcher: uncommon, resident and nomadic

Australian Reed-warbler: moderately common, breeding summer migrant

Australian Wood Duck: common, breeding resident

Australian Raven: common, resident

Azure Kingfisher: uncommon, migrant

Banded Stilt: rare, nomadic

Bar-shouldered Dove: uncommon, resident

Bar-tailed Godwit: locally common, summer migrant

Bassian Thrush: locally moderately common, resident

Beautiful Firetail: locally uncommon, resident

Black-browed Albatross: common, winter visitor

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike: common, resident

Black-fronted Dotterel: uncommon, resident

Black Kite: rare, nomadic

Black-shouldered Kite: moderately common breeding visitor, nomadic

Black Swan:locally common breeding resident, nomadic

Blue-billed Duck: rare, nomadic visitor

Brown Cuckoo-dove: moderately common, resident

Brown Gerygone: moderately common, resident

Brown Goshawk: moderately common, resident

Brown Quail: scarce, nomadic

Brown Skua: uncommon, winter visitor

Brown Thornbill: common, resident

Budgerigar: rare, nomadic

Buff-banded Rail: uncommon, resident

Buller's Albatross: rare, winter visitor

Campbell Albatross: uncommon, winter visitor

Cape Petrel: common, resident

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin: uncommon, nomadic

Chestnut Teal: common, breeding resident

Cockateil: rare, nomadic

Common Blackbird: uncommon, resident

Common Bronzewing: moderately common, resident

Common Greenshank: locally common, summer migrant

Common Tern: uncommon, summer migrant

Crested Pigeon: moderately common, resident

Crested Shrike-tit: uncommon, resident

Crested Tern: common, resident

Crimson Chat: accidental

Crimson Rosella: common, resident

Dollarbird: moderately common, summer breeding migrant

Double-banded Plover: moderately common, winter migrant

Dusky Moorhen: moderately common, breeding resident

Eastern Cattle Egret: common, winter visitor; usually absent Dec-Mar

Eastern Curlew: locally common, summer migrant

Eastern Koel: moderately common, summer breeding migrant

Eastern Osprey: scarce, resident and nomadic

Eastern Reef Egret: scarce, breeding resident

Eastern Rosella: common, resident

Eastern Spinebill: common, resident

Eastern Whipbird: common, resident

European Goldfinch: moderately common, resident

Eastern Yellow Robin: common, resident

Emu: rare, breeding resident

Eurasian Coot: moderately common, nomadic

Fairy Prion: common, winter visitor

Fan-tailed Cuckoo: common, resident

Flesh-footed Shearwater: moderately common, summer visitor

Fluttering Shearwater: common, visitor

Fuscous Honeyeater: uncommon, nomadic

Galah: common, resident

Gang-gang Cockatoo: uncommon, resident

Golden-headed Cisticola: moderately common, resident

Golden Whistler: moderately common, resident

Great Cormorant: common, nomadic

Great Crested Grebe: uncommon, nomadic

Great Egret: moderately common, nomadic

Green Catbird:uncommon, resident

Grey Butcherbird: moderately common, resident

Grey Fantail: common, resident and winter migrant

Grey Goshawk: moderately common, resident

Grey Shrike-thrush: common, resident

Grey-tailedTattler: scarce, summer migrant

Gull-billedTern: scarce, nomadic

Hardhead: moderately, nomadic

Hoary-headed Grebe: moderately common in winter, nomadic

Hooded Plover: scarce, resident

House Sparrow: very common, resident

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross: common, winter visitor

Intermediate Egret: rare, nomadic

Kelp Gull: moderately common, resident

Laughing Kookaburra: common, resident

Leaden Flycatcher: moderately common, breeding summer migrant

Lewin's Honeyeater: common, resident

Lesser Frigatebird: accidental

Little Black Cormorant: common, breeding resident and nomadic

Little Corella: locally moderately common, resident and nomadic

Little Egret: uncommon, nomadic

Little Pied Cormorant: common, breeding resident and nomadic

Little Tern: moderately common, summer migrant

Little Wattlebird: moderately common, resident

Long-billed Corella: locally moderately common, resident and nomadic

Magpie Goose: was locally extinct - now regularly seen at Kanahooka

Magpie-lark: Common, resident

Marsh Sandpiper: scarce, summer migrant

Masked Lapwing: common, resident

Noisy Friarbird: moderately common, nomadic

Noisy Miner: moderately common, resident

Northern Giant-Petrel: uncommon, winter visitor

Olive-backed Oriole: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Pacific Black Duck: common, breeding resident

Pacific Golden Plover: uncommon, summer migrant

Painted Button-quail: scarce, residentc

Pallid Cuckoo: uncommon, summer migrant

Peaceful Dove: scarce, nomadic

Pied Butcherbird: rare

Pied Cormorant: moderately common, breeding resident

Pied Currawong: common, resident

Pied Oystercatcher: uncommon, resident and nomadic

Pink-eared Duck: scarce, nomadic

Plumed Whistling Duck: rare, nomadic

Pomarine Jaeger: common, summer migrant

Powerful Owl: uncommon, resident

Rainbow Bee-eater: uncommon, summer breeding migrant

Rainbow Lorikeet: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Red Knot: locally uncommon, summer migrant

Red-backed Kingfisher: accidental

Red-browed Finch: common, resident

Red-capped Plover: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Red-kneed Dotterel: scarce, nomadic

Red Wattlebird: common, resident and passage migrant

Red-necked Avocet: rare, nomadic

Red-necked Stint: locally common, summer migrant

Red-rumped Parrot: uncommon, resident

Regent Honeyeater: rare, nomadic

Rock Dove: locally common, resident

Rockwarbler: moderately common, resident

Rose Robin: uncommon, resident

Royal Spoonbill: moderately common, nomadic

Ruddy Turnstone: moderately common, summer migrant

Rufous Songlark: uncommon, summer visitor

Rufous Whistler: common, breeding summer migrant

Scared Kingfisher: common, summer breeding migrant

Sanderling: rare, summer migrant

Satin Bowerbird: common, resident

Scarlet Robin: uncommon, resident

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: uncommon, summer migrant

Short-tailed Shearwater: common, summer breeding visitor

Shy Albatross: moderately common, winter visitor

Silver Gull: locally common, resident

Silvereye: common, resident and winter visitor

Sooty Oystercatcher: moderately common, resident

Southern Giant-Petrel: uncommon, winter visitor

Spangled Drongo: uncommon, winter migrant

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater: accidental

Spotted Pardalote: common, resident

Square-tailed Kite: scarce, summer breeding migrant

Striated Heron: common, breeding resident

Striated Pardalote: uncommon, resident

Striated Thornbill: common, resident

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: moderately common, resident

Superb Fairy-wren: common, resident

Superb Lyrebird: moderately common, resident

Tawny-crowned Honeyaeter: locally uncommon, resident

Tawny Frogmouth: moderately common, resident

Top-knot Pigeon: moderately common, summer migrant and nomadic

Varied Sitella: uncommon, resident

Variegated Fairy-wren: moderately common, resident

Wandering Albatross: moderately common, winter visitor

Wedge-tailed Shearwater: common, summer breeding visitor

Welcome Swallow: common, resident

Whimbrel: uncommon, summer migrant

Whistling Kite: uncommon, resident and nomadic

White-bellied Sea Eagle: moderately common, breeding resident

White-breasted Woodswallow: rare, nomadic

White-browed Scrubwren: moderately common, resident

White-browed Woodswallow: uncommon, nomadic

White-faced Heron: common, nomadic, breeding resident

White-fronted Tern: uncommon, winter migrant

White-headed Pigeon: moderately common, resident

White-headed Stilt: moderately common, resident and nomadic

White-necked Heron: uncommon, nomadic

White-plumed Honeyeater: uncommon, resident

White-rumped Sandpiper: accidental

White-throated Gerygone: uncommon, summer breeding migrant

White-throated Treecreeper: common, resident

Willie Wagtail: common, resident

Yellow-rumped Thornbill: moderately common, resident

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo: moderately moderately common, resident

Yellow Thornbill: common, resident

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