Birds of the Illawarra

The following photos are linked to a separate website and may not have been taken in the Illawarra. The status comments are from: Chafer, C.J. and Brandis, C.C.P. 2012. Handbook of Birds Found in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Adjacent Tablelands, 2nd edition. Illawarra Bird Observers Club, Wollongong.

Here also is an

Illawarra Bird Checklist

Australasian Darter: uncommon, breeding resident and nomadic

Australasian Figbird: uncommon, resident

Australasian Grebe: common, breeding resident

Australasian Pipit: moderately common, resident

Australasian Shoveler: uncommon, nomadic

Australasian Swamphen: common, breeding resident

Australian Brush-turkey: scarce [common in Wollongong Botanic Garden], breeding resident

Australian Hobby: uncommon, breeding resident

Australian King Parrot: moderately common, resident

Australian Magpie: common, resident

Australian Pied Oystercatcher: uncommon, resident and nomadic

Australian Reed-warbler: moderately common, breeding summer migrant

Australian Wood Duck: common, breeding resident

Australian Raven: common, resident

Azure Kingfisher: uncommon, migrant

Banded Stilt: rare, nomadic

Bar-shouldered Dove: uncommon, resident

Bar-tailed Godwit: locally common, summer migrant

Bassian Thrush: locally moderately common, resident

Beautiful Firetail: locally uncommon, resident

Black-browed Albatross: common, winter visitor

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike: common, resident

Black-fronted Dotterel: uncommon, resident

Black Kite: rare, nomadic

Black-shouldered Kite: moderately common breeding visitor, nomadic

Black Swan:locally common breeding resident, nomadic

Blue-billed Duck: rare, nomadic visitor

Brown Cuckoo-dove: moderately common, resident

Brown Gerygone: moderately common, resident

Brown Goshawk: moderately common, resident

Brown Skua: uncommon, winter visitor

Brown Thornbill: common, resident

Budgerigar: rare, nomadic

Buff-banded Rail: uncommon, resident

Buller's Albatross: rare, winter visitor

Campbell Albatross: uncommon, winter visitor

Cape Petrel: common, resident

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin: uncommon, nomadic

Chestnut Teal: common, breeding resident

Cockateil: rare, nomadic

Common Blackbird: uncommon, resident

Common Bronzewing: moderately common, resident

Common Greenshank: locally common, summer migrant

Common Tern: uncommon, summer migrant

Crested Pigeon: moderately common, resident

Crested Shrike-tit: uncommon, resident

Crested Tern: common, resident

Crimson Chat: accidental

Crimson Rosella: common, resident

Dollarbird: moderately common, summer breeding migrant

Double-banded Plover: moderately common, winter migrant

Dusky Moorhen: moderately common, breeding resident

Eastern Cattle Egret: common, winter visitor; usually absent Dec-Mar

Eastern Curlew: locally common, summer migrant

Eastern Koel: moderately common, summer breeding migrant

Eastern Osprey: scarce, resident and nomadic

Eastern Reef Egret: scarce, breeding resident

Eastern Rosella: common, resident

Eastern Spinebill: common, resident

Eastern Whipbird: common, resident

European Goldfinch: moderately common, resident

Eastern Yellow Robin: common, resident

Emu: rare, breeding resident

Eurasian Coot: moderately common, nomadic

Fairy Prion: common, winter visitor

Fan-tailed Cuckoo: common, resident

Flesh-footed Shearwater: moderately common, summer visitor

Fluttering Shearwater: common, visitor

Fuscous Honeyeater: uncommon, nomadic

Galah: common, resident

Gang-gang Cockatoo: uncommon, resident

Golden-headed Cisticola: moderately common, resident

Golden Whistler: moderately common, resident

Great Cormorant: common, nomadic

Great Crested Grebe: uncommon, nomadic

Great Egret: moderately common, nomadic

Green Catbird:uncommon, resident

Grey Butcherbird: moderately common, resident

Grey Fantail: common, resident and winter migrant

Grey Goshawk: moderately common, resident

Grey Shrike-thrush: common, resident

Grey-tailedTattler: scarce, summer migrant

Gull-billedTern: scarce, nomadic

Hardhead: moderately, nomadic

Hoary-headed Grebe: moderately common in winter, nomadic

Hooded Plover: scarce, resident

House Sparrow: very common, resident

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross: common, winter visitor

Intermediate Egret: rare, nomadic

Kelp Gull: moderately common, resident

Laughing Kookaburra: common, resident

Leaden Flycatcher: moderately common, breeding summer migrant

Lewin's Honeyeater: common, resident

Lesser Frigatebird: accidental

Little Black Cormorant: common, breeding resident and nomadic

Little Corella: locally moderately common, resident and nomadic

Little Egret: uncommon, nomadic

Little Pied Cormorant: common, breeding resident and nomadic

Little Tern: moderately common, summer migrant

Little Wattlebird: moderately common, resident

Long-billed Corella: locally moderately common, resident and nomadic

Magpie Goose: was locally extinct - now regularly seen at Kanahooka

Magpie-lark: Common, resident

Marsh Sandpiper: scarce, summer migrant

Masked Lapwing: common, resident

Noisy Friarbird: moderately common, nomadic

Noisy Miner: moderately common, resident

Northern Giant-Petrel: uncommon, winter visitor

Olive-backed Oriole: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Pacific Black Duck: common, breeding resident

Pacific Golden Plover: uncommon, summer migrant

Painted Button-quail: scarce, residentc

Pallid Cuckoo: uncommon, summer migrant

Peaceful Dove: scarce, nomadic

Pied Butcherbird: rare

Pied Cormorant: moderately common, breeding resident

Pied Currawong: common, resident

Pied Oystercatcher: uncommon, resident and nomadic

Pink-eared Duck: scarce, nomadic

Plumed Whistling Duck: rare, nomadic

Pomarine Jaeger: common, summer migrant

Powerful Owl: uncommon, resident

Rainbow Bee-eater: uncommon, summer breeding migrant

Rainbow Lorikeet: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Red Knot: locally uncommon, summer migrant

Red-backed Kingfisher: accidental

Red-browed Finch: common, resident

Red-capped Plover: moderately common, resident and nomadic

Red-kneed Dotterel: scarce, nomadic

Red Wattlebird: common, resident and passage migrant

Red-necked Avocet: rare, nomadic

Red-necked Stint: locally common, summer migrant

Red-rumped Parrot: uncommon, resident

Red-whiskered Bulbul: moderately common, resident

Regent Honeyeater: rare, nomadic

Rock Dove: locally common, resident

Rockwarbler: moderately common, resident

Rose Robin: uncommon, resident

Royal Spoonbill: moderately common, nomadic

Ruddy Turnstone: moderately common, summer migrant

Rufous Songlark: uncommon, summer visitor

Rufous Whistler: common, breeding summer migrant

Scared Kingfisher: common, summer breeding migrant

Sanderling: rare, summer migrant

Satin Bowerbird: common, resident

Scarlet Robin: uncommon, resident

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: uncommon, summer migrant

Short-tailed Shearwater: common, summer breeding visitor

Shy Albatross: moderately common, winter visitor

Silver Gull: locally common, resident

Silvereye: common, resident and winter visitor

Sooty Oystercatcher: moderately common, resident

Southern Giant-Petrel: uncommon, winter visitor

Spangled Drongo: uncommon, winter migrant

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater: accidental

Spotted Pardalote: common, resident

Striated Heron: common, breeding resident

Striated Pardalote: uncommon, resident

Striated Thornbill: common, resident

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: moderately common, resident

Superb Fairy-wren: common, resident

Superb Lyrebird: moderately common, resident

Tawny-crowned Honeyaeter: locally uncommon, resident

Tawny Frogmouth: moderately common, resident

Top-knot Pigeon: moderately common, summer migrant and nomadic

Varied Sitella: uncommon, resident

Variegated Fairy-wren: moderately common, resident

Wandering Albatross: moderately common, winter visitor

Wedge-tailed Shearwater: common, summer breeding visitor

Welcome Swallow: common, resident

Whimbrel: uncommon, summer migrant

Whistling Kite: uncommon, resident and nomadic

White-bellied Sea Eagle: moderately common, breeding resident

White-breasted Woodswallow: rare, nomadic

White-browed Scrubwren: moderately common, resident

White-browed Woodswallow: uncommon, nomadic

White-faced Heron: common, nomadic, breeding resident

White-fronted Tern: uncommon, winter migrant

White-headed Pigeon: moderately common, resident

White-headed Stilt: moderately common, resident and nomadic

White-necked Heron: uncommon, nomadic

White-plumed Honeyeater: uncommon, resident

White-rumped Sandpiper: accidental

White-throated Gerygone: uncommon, summer breeding migrant

White-throated Treecreeper: common, resident

Willie Wagtail: common, resident

Yellow-rumped Thornbill: moderately common, resident

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo: moderately moderately common, resident

Yellow Thornbill: common, resident